ANKEREL’s mission is to provide users with the security, and privacy of their personal information. ANKEREL all electronic information provided by you, the customer, protected from unauthorized access, as well as does not personally disclosed this information to others.

ANKERELL does not disclose the information provided to us during the registration or checkout process; it is respectively for the purpose of processing the order. ANKEREL also does not disclose the information entered through our site to any external organizations or third parties.

Please note: your email address will be used to send you updates on our new products at times. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to be removed from our mailing list.


It is vital that consumers enter accurate information when making a purchase. ANKEREL is not liable for items shipped wrong addresses, either at the time of purchase or of return. These expenses due to customer error will be the responsibility of the customer.

All of our prices are present in USD. ANKEREL is not responsible for currency conversion rates charged by customers’ banks.

Customers will receive an invoice confirming the order once ANKEREL receives the payment either through Credit Card or PayPal.

Payment will be completed when you finalize the transaction at point of checkout. ANKEREL uses Stripe Payment for all online credit card transactions. Your credit card number may not be viewed by ANKEREL or any third party.


For shipping times & costs, please see our shipping page.


After placing an order you will receive an email receipt confirming the details of your purchase. This email receipt does not comprise a contract.

Orders may be cancelled at any time due to an inability to authorize a payment, insufficient stock, suspicion of fraudulent intent or any other reason deemed appropriate by ANKEREL. In addition, ANKEREL reserves the right to decline or cancel any orders.